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Our Story

Brennan & April McMahon


April and Brennen are both committed to excellence and are passionate about moving others from crisis to recovery. They are parents to eight children and also volunteers their time to many community and church related projects.


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Our Story


Brennan's Story...

It was a seemingly ordinary day as we cruised down a bustling highway. Little did we know that our lives were about to take an unexpected turn. The driver in front of us lost control of his car, veering into the median and abruptly swerving across two lanes, directly in our path. In an instant, a deafening collision echoed through the air.


The scene was like something out of a movie, surreal and disorienting. First and foremost, I checked on the well-being of my wife and myself, grateful to find that we had escaped major harm. However, as I surveyed the wreckage through the cracked windshield and crumpled front end of our SUV, it was evident that the other driver’s car had suffered severe damage. Concerned for his safety, I quickly got out of our vehicle and approached him. Thankfully, he had managed to avoid any injuries. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for me.


In the aftermath of the accident, I soon discovered that not all injuries make themselves immediately known. Whiplash is a notorious example, its impact often delayed. However, my case proved to be more complicated. The force of the collision had caused me to brace my arm against the steering wheel, resulting in significant inflammation and damage to my upper arm and shoulder joint. It was a blow that would forever limit the functionality of my right arm.


It was only after seeking medical help through an attorney-recommended chiropractor and orthopedic doctor that I learned the true cause of the excruciating pain I was enduring. This journey of seeking justice and healing became necessary because the at-fault driver’s insurance company was intent on dragging their feet. While they reluctantly covered the damages to my SUV after much hassle, I knew that convincing them to take responsibility for my mounting medical expenses would be an uphill battle.


Through this arduous experience, I came to realize that countless others faced similar challenges following auto accidents or workplace incidents. Something needed to be done, and that realization ignited the creation of our non-profit organization: Care for Accident Victims.


At Care for Accident Victims, we are dedicated to providing a lifeline of support and resources to those who have suffered injuries in accidents. Our mission is to ensure that no one feels alone or helpless in the face of such adversity. We strive to connect accident victims with the assistance they need, from legal guidance to medical care, helping them navigate the complex aftermath and find a path to recovery.


Our own personal ordeal served as the catalyst for our commitment to making a difference. We understand the struggles, the frustration, and the obstacles that accident victims encounter. With Care for Accident Victims, we aim to be the beacon of hope, the helping hand that guides others through the challenges they face on their journey to healing and reclaiming their lives.


Together, we can create a community that supports and uplifts accident victims, ensuring they receive the care, justice, and compassion they deserve. Join us in our mission to empower and make a lasting impact in the lives of those who have experienced the unexpected.


– Brennan McMahon, Co-Founder

April's Story...

I never thought it would happen to me. We never do. We live our lives, going about our routines, never anticipating the unexpected. But life has a way of throwing curveballs when we least expect it. And that’s exactly what happened to my family and me.


It was a day like any other when we received news that our oldest son needed surgery. We were on our way to the hospital, filled with worry and concern, when our lives were forever changed. Out of nowhere, we were T-boned on the highway, our vehicle spinning out of control. The impact was tremendous, and if it weren’t for the sturdy metal front bumper on our Jeep, I don’t know if we would have survived.


In the midst of the chaos and shock, I felt an immense wave of gratitude that our youngest son had stayed the night at his grandma’s. It spared him from experiencing the terror of that moment. But as the dust settled, we found ourselves stranded in an unfamiliar place. Our Jeep was towed to a nearby yard, and we were left figuring out how to get back home to Dallas from Houston.


The following weeks were a blur of uncertainty and frustration. We dealt with injuries sustained in the accident, yet without a police report to prove fault, the other driver’s insurance company refused to provide a rental car. We were left without transportation, struggling to attend medical appointments and get back to some semblance of normalcy. It was during this challenging time that a dear friend came to our rescue, lending us their vehicle to fill the void.


But the road to recovery was far from smooth. The physical therapy sessions and specialist visits seemed endless. We soon realized that some of our injuries would never fully heal, leaving us with lingering pain and limitations. Our beloved Jeep, once thought to be totaled, was eventually repaired, but it never quite drove the same. It became a constant presence in the repair shop, a reminder of the lasting impact the accident had on our lives.


Through this journey of trials and errors, we discovered the dire need for a better way. If only there had been a centralized hub—a place where accident victims like us could find vetted resources and compassionate guidance to navigate the aftermath of such a traumatic event. And so, from this experience, Care for Accident Victims was born—a haven of support for those seeking help.


Out of my personal ordeal, Care for Accident Victims was founded to make a difference. I wanted to create a community where accident victims could find the assistance they desperately needed, where they could be connected to trusted resources and caring individuals who truly understood their struggles.


My story is a testament to the resilience of accident victims and their families. It is a reminder that accidents can happen to anyone, at any time. But it is also a testament to the power of hope, compassion, and the strength we find within ourselves to overcome adversity.


Together, let us join hands and support Care for Accident Victims in their mission to empower and uplift those who find themselves on a similar journey. No one should face the aftermath of an accident alone. With your support, we can be the light guiding others toward healing, recovery, and a brighter future.


– April McMahon, Co-Founder

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